Financial Services

Personalized College Scholarship Eligibility Report

  • Provide student with a personalized school specific list of scholarships and eligibility requirements so they know which merit-based college scholarships they may be eligible for
  • This report, used in conjunction with our proprietary SAT/ACT courses, can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in additional merit-based aid.

College Planning Strategies

  • Calculate Expected Family Contributions (EFC)
  • Provide Planning Recommendations to Reduce EFC
  • Provide Financial Aid Award Estimates For An Unlimited Number of Schools, & Recommend Additional Schools To Be Considered
  • Provide Recommendations For the Best Way to Pay Your Share of College Costs
  • Provide Cost-Efficient Borrowing Strategies to help keep financial goals in line, along with cash flow strategies for college years & beyond
  • Provide Complete Financial Overview On College, Cash Flow, Retirement & Develop a plan to improve each area.
  • Provide strategies that legally protect your savings & retirement accounts from the financial aid formulas
  • Provide strategies on how to possibly  use your home equity so that it helps, rather than hurts, in the financial aid formulas

Financial Aid Data Gathering & Processing

  • College Planning Checklist/Roadmap with all timeslines & deadlines that is updated electronically & emailed every time something is completed and/or missing
  • Free Bonus - Complete free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Register and Complete the CSS PROFILE
  • Complete any additional forms required by the individual schools upon request
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the SAR
  • Advise and Counsel on Stafford and PLUS Loan Applications
  • Provide Protection from being overlooked for grants, scholarships or loans due to mistakes in your financial aid forms
  • Access to the loan analyzer expert session
  • Access to the financial aid boot camp expert session


  • Spreadsheet up to 3 Award letters and professionally evaluate if your offer was fair
  • Provide tested appeal letters if you were under awarded
  • Access to the award letter evaluator expert session
  • Access to the award package negotiator expert session

Added Services

  • Provide easy-to-use parent & student manuals
  • Provide a monthly e-letter to parents & students to keep them updated on everything they need to be aware of along the way. As well as a weekly college funding "tip of the week"
  • Automatic E-mails submitted monthly to both parents & students on what they need to be doing that month to maximize their college admissions and financial aid results
  • Personalized Financial Aid FAQ along with numerous other miscellaneous helpful resources developed by industry experts
  • Interactive Online Page For Each Parent/Student
  • Provide Feedback On Specific Colleges 
  • Unlimited Support For Parents & Students
  • Bonus Item: Copy of our "Student Handbook for Success"
  • Bonus Item: Copy of our "College Admissions Boot Camp Handbook"
  • A one-stop shop to always have your questions answered with personalized contact